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The traditional white plaster is white cement mixed with crushed white marble, finished by trowel to a hard finish.  For years this has been the favorite finish of pool builders and re-modelers.  White Plaster has a limited five year bonding warranty.  It can last up to 10 years with proper start-up, maintenance and proper chemical balance.

Colored plaster is white plaster with dye added to the mix.  Chemical additives have been introduced to alleviate the etching and cracking that can occur during application.  Below are some of the most common colored plaster options.

Quartz is an exposed aggregate finish made of tough ceramic-coated quartz granules, mixed with white cement and some crushed marble. Each individual quartz granule undergoes a proprietary 3M process that bonds permanent inorganic pigment to the quartz. The result is a bright and long lasting color that is unaffected by harsh pool chemicals, low pH or sunlight. Limited seven year bonding warranty, but the finish can last 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance.

  • Blue

    blue-water blue
  • Caribbean Blue

    caribbean water carribean
  • French Grey

    french gray water french gray
  • Ivory

    ivory water ivory
  • Midnight Blue

    midnight blue water midnight blue
  • Super Blue

    super blue water super blue
  • Tahoe Blue

    tahoe blue water tahoe blue

Roll over the swatches to see how it effects the color of the water

A pebble finish surface is assorted small tumbled or polished pebbles mixed with cement and a polymer additive. Once applied, it is troweled, the cement is washed to expose the pebbles, and then it is retroweled and washed again. This procedure produces a surface with an arrangement of pebble hues packed tightly together, exposing an elegant surface with will outlast traditional plaster. Pebble is available in regular pebble or mini pebble. The larger the stone, the more coarse the surface. The smaller the pebbles, the smoother the surface. All pebble finishes do have a textured feel.

  • Caribbean Blue

    Carribean Blue Water Carribean Blue
  • Midnight Blue

    Midnight Blue Water Midnight Blue
  • Sandy Beach

    sandy beach water sandy beach
  • Sky Blue

    sky blue water sky blue
  • Tahoe Blue

    tahoe blue
  • White Pearl

    white pearl water white pearl

Roll over the swatches to see how it effects the color of the water

Beadcrete® pool surface technology is the latest development in concrete pool finishes. Beadcrete® contains solid, inert, glass spheres that are locked into carefully graded aggregate matrix by polymer-modified cements. This creates a truly unique 3-dimensional effect. Beadcrete® is the only patented glass finish. It is applied and finished in a similar way to PebbleTec® brand finishes

  • Aqua Blue

  • Blue Mist

    Blue Mist with Water Blue Mist
  • Caribbean

    Caribbean Water Caribbean
  • Hawaiian

    Hawaiian with water Hawaiian
  • Tahitian

    Tahitian with water Tahitian
  • Traditional

    Traditional with water Traditional
  • Water Blue

    Water Blue under water Water Blue

Roll over the swatches to see how it effects the color of the water

We offer acid washes for those who don’t need to re-plaster their pools, but want them clean and brighter. Pools that have been stagnant, or have developed algae, need to be drained and washed. Painted pools, that are beginning to fade, can also benefit from an acid wash. It won’t stop the paint from fading, but it will “brighten” the paint by removing dirt and chalking. The same goes for mineral stains, chlorine stains, and even dirt stains. Once the acid wash is finished, we rinse and refill the pool.

As your pool ages, the plaster will require the occasional repair or patch. Cracking, chipping, and small holes, sometimes called “pop-ups”, are not uncommon. As are wear spots in your pool plaster, when the plaster is worn away, and the gunite below the plaster starts showing. We get the repair done so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

Important Note: Due to individual computer monitor limitations; there is no guarantee that colors viewed on this website will accurately reflect pool finish colors. The shade of pool finishes may also vary within any given color – an inherent quality that enhances their beauty. Always visually check the actual shade of the finish before installation.


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